The scent of wild garlic


‘The scent of wild garlic’

50 x 50cm stretched canvas

acrylic + mixed media

unframed with painted edges

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‘The scent of wild garlic’

“When muddy boots tramp by, the wild garlic leaves are disturbed releasing a scent that is pure green! My children sneakily tear off a piece to carry with them to sniff as we move on..”

Springtime walks in the woods have inspired ‘The scent of wild garlic’. Wild garlic is a wonderful plant, carpeting the forest floor with fragrant, edible leaves and beautiful white blooms which arrive just before the bluebells. The fresh, savoury scent adds to the whole sensory experience of being in the woods. The scent instantly conjures up the dappled light of the forest floor, the smell of the damp earth and the majesty of the surrounding trees. This painting is presented simply unframed and ready to hang on your wall.


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