Oak moss is not a moss


‘Oakmoss is not a moss’

60 x 50 x 4cm stretched box canvas

acrylic paint + mixed media

presented unframed with stripy painted edges

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‘Oakmoss is not a moss’

Have you ever spotted a mysterious silvery cloud sprouting from branches, leaves or stones? It could well be oakmoss- which is not an actual moss but a lichen! I love getting involved with the minutia of flora and fauna when out walking- and once you start noticing this stuff- you can’t stop! Lichen is a fascinating thing, there are so many different kind of lichens for starters, all so different and so beautiful in their own way… At the tender age of 42, I had my mind blown when a knowledgeable family member explained to me that lichen is not even one thing, it is actually 2 organisms in a symbiotic relationship! Fungus makes up the structure and algae makes the colour- how cool is that?! So I though lichen very worthy of having its own painting and here it is. This piece has been lovingly painted in acrylic paints on to a cradled wood panel and is presented unframed to show off its fancy stripy edges! It would look beautiful hung straight on the wall or equally great framed.


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