All Schools should be Art Schools

– Bob and Roberta Smith AKA Patrick Brill OBE RA

My Philosophy

I am a passionate advocate of Art in Education and believe it to be of the utmost importance- now more than ever. All children have a right to hone their artistic skills, to express themselves artistically and to fulfill their artistic potential.


With a lifelong passion for art and a wealth of experience in primary education, I can transform your school approach to art through delivering:
  • staff meetings
  • training days
  • projects with children

Whether you need help with:
  • planning
  • using different media
  • sorting your art cupboard resources
  • sketchbook use
  • or something else…

I can deliver a session bespoke to your school’s needs professionally via zoom or in person (travel expenses will apply). Cost of a staff meeting session: (approximately 1.5hrs) £150
show a close up of an abstract painting

The art zoom

Stream me straight into your classroom for an hour long art lesson! I can provide a fun and inspiring art lesson via zoom (or a streaming platform of your choice) for your class of children. Sessions can be recorded to enable you to use them as training too.
Cost of a 1hr art zoom: £59

show an example of a child's painting
You can find out about my online safety policy here

Reviews Reviews Reviews

“Lorna is the best art teacher and consultant ever! Transformed our approach to art at Knayton!”
show Nikkie
Nikkie Beniams, Executive Headteacher
Knayton Academy

"Lorna, you have honestly been such a hit here! I am SO pleased you were able to help us during our enrichment fortnight! The children in my class were so well behaved and latched on to your every word. Thank you so much."

"The art work they have produced is of such a good quality but delivered in a straightforward and accessible way"

"The delivery of the sessions was perfect- pitched at the right ability and the pace of the call worked really well"

"That was amazing CPD just for me, we should have more workshops, even just for the staff!"

'You can tell she is very experienced'
The Staff
Lord Derramore's Primary School
"Thank you so much for that session - we had a blast! It was such a fun way to engage with art. The children are all very proud of what they achieved and were all very keen to share!"
Dave Manning
Brompton Community Primary School

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