artist leaning against a tree sketching

Honesty, playfulness and colour radiate out of every brush stroke of Hazelwood’s work. Painted with a sense of freedom and fun, Hazelwood portrays her world in thickly textured layers of paint. Declarations, admonishments, admissions and prosaic notes are often scrawled across the canvas as Hazelwood shares her innermost thoughts; inviting empathy and a camaraderie with the viewer.

The work encompasses; bold abstracts, lively florals, and naive landscapes- all with Hazelwood’s sense of adventure, movement and energy. She manipulates a vocabulary of marks and motifs which has become a language threaded throughout her work.

Hazelwood’s home in rural North Yorkshire is a constant source of inspiration and joy; the flora and fauna, changing landscapes and relentless weather all feed into Hazelwood’s imagination and ultimately into her paintings.

Hazelwood’s formal training consists of a Foundation in Art and Design studied for at York College, after which she is largely self- taught. As an early career artist, this is an exciting time for Hazelwood’s art as her confidence grows and her work gathers momentum. This was recognised at The Great North Art Show in Ripon last year, where Hazelwood received the award for Best Emerging Artist 2022.